Topics Include:
Innovation · Technology · Disruption · Strategy · Healthcare · Future of Work · Robotics · Artificial Intelligence






  • Israel Patent Office, Israel Innovation Authority, WIPO [Panelist & Speaker: International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Intellectual Property—Connecting the Bits,Panelist: Applications of AI—New Business and IP Strategies ,Panelist: The Implications of AI on IPO’s—Substantial and Administrative Dimensions
    Speaker: AI & IP]
  • Association of British Chinese Professors (ABCP) Annual Conference [Speaker: Invention, Innovation and IP]
  • Computer-Generated Inventions
    UK IPO, WIPO [Speaker: AI: Decoding IP, Exploring the Commercial, Economic and Legal Implications]
  • AI & IP—Disrupting the Established
    WIPO Second Intellectual Property Researchers Europe (IPRE) Seminar [Speaker From Augmenting to Automating]
  • MIT EmTech Next Conference [Should we tax robots? A debate.]
  • MoHo Talks [Speaker: The MoHo D-Day Summit ,Advances in AI will free us—to starve?]
  • EUIPO [Panelist: IP Mediation Conference,The Future of Online Mediation—AI Mediators and AI Evaluative Tools]
  • University of Surrey [Chair: Surrey Workshop on Regulation of Artificial Intelligence]
  • WIPO [Panelist: WIPO-WTO IP Advanced Course ,Roundtable discussion on AI, IP and economic development]
  • WTO [Lecturer: “IP & Trade Policy Today” Seminar Series Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Intellectual Property and International Trade]
  • Florida State University (FSU) School of Law [Speaker: 8th International IP Roundtable Everything is Obvious]



  • IBC Leal [Speaker: Standards and Patents—12th Annual Conference,Inventive Machines and the Evolving Law of Innovation]
  • INTERPAT [Speaker:Inventive Machines and the Evolving Law of Innovation]
  • Novartis [Speaker:Inventive Machines and the Evolving Law of Innovation]
  • American Chemical Society [Speaker:Inventive Machines and Innovation in the Chemical Arts
  • Speaker :Inventive Machines and the Evolving Law of Innovation
  • Intellectual Property Researchers Europe Seminar [Speaker:Inventive Machine and the Evolving Law of Innovation]
  • 3rd International Convention on The Economy of Innovation, AIPPI [Panelist: Traditional Medicine—The Influence of IP on Commercial Use and Economic Aspects]
  • University of Surrey[ Chair: Surrey Workshop on Regulation of Artificial Intelligence]
  • Oxford Faculty of Law [Speaker: Business Law Workshop,Inventive Machines and the Evolving Nature of Innovation]
  • Office of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Economy, Institute of IP Luxembourg [Presenter: 11th Annual Luxembourg Intellectual Property Day,Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Challenges]
  • Stanford Law School[Presenter: We Robot Conference,Everything is Obvious,Should Robots Pay Taxes? Tax Policy in the Age of Automation]
  • King’s Transnational Law Summit [Moderator: A World of Risk: Health, Technology & The Human Life [Panelist: Us & Them: Living with Robots]
  • University of Surrey [Chair: Surrey Workshop on the Regulation of AI,Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property]
  • George Mason University, Antonin Scalia Law School, Virginia[Speaker: Panel 4, A Different Perspective on Big Data]
  •  University of San Diego [Presenter: PatCon 8: The Annual Patent Conference,Everything is Obvious]
  • King’s College London      [ Guest Lecturer: Transnational Property,Transnational Intellectual Property]
  • ICEVOX [Presenter: Cybercrime and Security,Bitcoin and the Power of Decentralized Prediction Markets
    WIPO/Rospatent/Skolkovo ,Panelist: International Conference on Intellectual Property in the New Technological Order,International Protections for Computer-Generated Works]
  • IBC Leal [Moderator and Panelist: Standards, Patents and Competition Conference,Future of Patenting for AI Created Innovations]
  • CEIPI/WIPO/INPI[Lecturer: Advanced Course on Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and Licensing,Intellectual Property Management in Traditional Medical Knowledge]
  • Leeds School of Law [Round Table Participant: Personalized Medicine and the Law]
  • CEIPI/BETA/I3PM Conference [ Speaker: Intellectual Property and Digitalization: Challenges for Intellectual Property Management,Creative Computers and the Future of Patent Law 
  • Florida State University Law 7930: Global Health and Pharmaceutical Regulation[Global Regulation of Off-Label Drug Use and Traditional Medicine]
  • Czech Parliament Committee on Health[Roundtable Presenter:U.S. Regulation and Legislation on Traditional Chinese Medicine]
  • King’s College London [ Guest Lecturer: Transnational Property,Transnational Intellectual Property]



  • American Bar Association (ABA) University IP Committee [SpeakerComputational Invention and Patentability]
  • Keck Graduate Institute[ Speaker: Industrial Strength Bio Seminar Series (ISBSS)]
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Biotech Research Enterprise
  • DePaul University College of Law [Speaker: Intellectual Property Scholars Conference,Hal the Innovator: Computational Invention and its Patentability Implications]



  • UCLA School of Medicine [Surgery Grand Rounds ,California’s Malpractice System: Fair or Failed?]
  • NYU Law School [Speaker: IASC Thematic
    Knowledge Commons Conference at NYU,The Sentinel Initiative as a Cultural Commons]
  • NYU Law School [Roundtable Participant: NYU
    Workshop on Medical User Innovation and Medical Commons,The Sentinel Initiative as a Cultural Commons]
  • UCLA School of Medicine [ Speaker:Herbal Medicine Symposium and Roundtable Discussion]
  • Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion of
    the Ministry [Speaker:Commerce, Government of
    India (Web-Based Symposium)]
  • Traditional Knowledge Deliberations at World
    Intellectual Property Organization
  • Southwestern Law School [Moderator:The Last Word on the Patient Protection and
    Affordable Care Act]
  • UCLA School of Medicine [Academic Research Series ,Evidence and Extrapolation: Mechanisms for
    Regulating Off-Label Uses of Drugs and Devices]
  • UCLA School of Medicine[Lecturer in Medicine 207.01:
    Integrative East-West Medicine ,Health Policies Affecting Integrative Medicine]
  • Southwestern Law School[Moderator:Health Law Panel on the Medical Injury
    Compensation Reform Act]
  • Stanford Law School [Lecturer in Law and Biosciences Workshop
    (Law 654),
    Evidence and Extrapolation: Mechanisms for

    Regulating Off-Label Uses of Drugs and Device]
  • Southwestern Law School[Debate with Richard Epstein :FDA Involvement in Off-Label Drug Use]
  • Widener Law School [Presenter in Symposium: The
    Global Medicine Challenge,India’s Shifting IP Regime: Balancing Access and Innovation]
  • UCLA School of Medicine [Lecturer SL608: Health
    Policy: What Every Physician Needs to Know,The Affordable Care Act and the Regulatory
    Process,Medical Malpractice Tort Reform]
  • Quinnipiac Law School  Lecturer Faculty Development
    Presentation Hot,Issues in Intellectual Property and Public
  • Arizona State University College of Law[Participant in ASU Legal Scholars Conference]
  • UCLA School of Medicine [Annual Conference for
    Integrative Medicine at UCLAPanelist: Research & Healthcare Policy:Driving IM Forward]
  • UCLA School of Medicine [Lecturer (Corsera Online)
    ME644D: Integrative East-West Medicine,Health Policies Affecting Integrative Medicine]
  • UCLA School of Medicine [Lecturer in Medicine 207.01:Integrative East-West Medicine ,Health Policies Affecting Integrative Medicine]



  • Intelectual do Instituto de Direito PUC-RIO[ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)Seminar (October 3–5) Hot Issues in Intellectual Property and Public Health]
  • UCLA
    School of Medicine [Lecturer in Medicine 180: Integrative
    East-West Medicine ,Healthcare Policy and Integrative Medicine]
  • Widener
    Law School [Speaker:Traditional Solutions to Modern Problems:
    Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the American Health Care Crisis]


UCLA School of Medicine [Speaker:Impact of Intellectual Property on Access to Medicines and Traditional Knowledge]